Pat Garrett’s Priorities

Conserve the Peace with Integrity and Professionalism because our success is measured by a combination of results and how we treat everyone.

Effectiveness and efficiency must go hand in hand in today’s economy. Across our spectrum of law enforcement, jail, and civil enforcement services we must continue to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars. As our division commanders are accountable for expenditures, our agency is accountable to ensure funding prioritizes essential elements of a successful public organization – strong leadership, realistic training, reliable equipment and technology, careful recruitment and sound policy.

Aggressively fight drug trafficking organizations and gang violence to protect families and youth. Efforts here require a balance among enforcement and education. I support our interagency special enforcement teams that serve all areas of the county so we maximize our effectiveness across the county and in our region.

Continue to staff and operate the Jail to fully meet the county’s needs. An unsung hero in crime fighting, our jail and the men and women who operate it provide one of the most important elements of our criminal justice system.

Track down out of compliance registered sex offenders to keep kids and vulnerable populations safe.

In addition, I continue to support the already strong programs and services the community expects from our Sheriff’s Office. Some examples:

  • Interagency teams that target drug trafficking, gang violence and fraud countywide
  • Interagency SWAT, Hostage Negotiators, Riot Control and other forces with advanced training and equipment are ready to deploy when needed to support deputies and city police.
  • Crime Scene Technicians and Criminalists whose work strengthens investigations for prosecution; they serve not only the Sheriff’s Office but are also available to support all city police departments
  • Criminal Apprehension Unit to arrest un-reformed career criminals and conduct Sex Offender compliance checks
  • Patrols that detect and arrest drunk drivers – over 1,000 arrests in four of the last five years
  • Community service programs that put jail inmates to work to improve the community, and inmate programs that produce GED graduates and create job skills
  • Police services inside the Enhanced Sheriff’s Patrol District
  • Public education on issues that affect families and youth – Gang Prevention, Dealing with Bullying in Schools, Internet Safety, Prescription Drug Abuse and the rise in Heroin use among our youth, and offering free Self-Defense classes.