About Pat Garrett

1988 Recruit Class

“On my honor I will do my best…”

So begins the Scout Oath, an early influence in my developmental years when I became an Eagle Scout, and my promise to you as Washington County Sheriff. I was raised in Salem, Oregon, in a family that valued service to community and country. After graduating from Oregon State University, I count myself lucky to have served my country abroad, and my community at home.

Professional Learning

In the words of Albert Einstein, “Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” Great lessons come from public safety work. Ongoing formal education is essential to senior law enforcement leaders to ensure we have the foundation to lead organizations and manage systems effectively. I am fortunate to have had some great educational opportunities and have worked hard to better myself from them.

Public Administration Master’s Degree, Portland State University
Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy (Quantico, Virginia)
JFK School of Government, Harvard Seminar for State and Local Executives (Harvard)

Sheriff Spinend Promotes Garrett

Service to Community

I began working at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office as a Recruit Deputy in August, 1988. Since then my duties have included Patrol Deputy, Corporal, Narcotics Investigator, SWAT, Patrol Sergeant, Lieutenant and Commander. In 2004 I attended the Oregon’s Basic Corrections Academy, adding state corrections certification to enforcement certification. A short time later I served as the Jail Commander. I was then assigned as the Chief Deputy and served there for six years, with oversight of professional standards, training, hiring, equipping, budget preparation, criminal records, external communication, and planning. In May of 2011, I was promoted to Undersheriff, the second highest rank of our Sheriff’s Office. On November 30, 2011 I was appointed as the Sheriff and am honored to serve you in that position.

K9 DemoThere can be no substitute for the valuable and unique experiences my early assignments offered as a patrol deputy, narcotics investigator and first line supervisor. Throughout my time at the Sheriff’s Office, I have been most rewarded by my time working along side the wonderful people on the Sheriff’s Office team and among the great citizens of Washington County. Together we have achieved notable goals which I commit to keeping a priority and summarize several below.

CDR Garrett and LT Fischer

National Accreditation In 2004 your Sheriff’s Office was accredited nationally by the Commission on Law Enforcement Accreditation (CALEA). After Sheriff’s Office staff worked for about 18 months to insure our policies and protocols aligned with those standards, a CALEA team conducted a five-day on-site inspection of our operations to measures us against over 400 individual standards of policy, protocols, practices and results. They examined every aspect of Sheriff’s Office operations, such as Patrol, Investigations, Records, Use of Force, Internal Affairs, Citizen Complaint Investigations, Property and Evidence Processing, Court Security, Training, and our Business Office operations. Measuring ourselves against a high external standard is an important check of professional and organizational benchmarking. We have successfully undergone two re-accreditation inspections since, each time further improving our excellent performance.

Citizen's Academy Graduation

Fully Compliant With Oregon Jail Standards We have also maintained compliance with Oregon Jail Standards (OJS) inspection criteria to measure jail operations against strict professional standards. Our jail first became OJS compliant in 2000 and remains so today. Inspections examine over 300 individual standards every two years. In addition, our Jail Medical Services are accredited by the National Commission on Corrections Health Care. It’s a great way to help manage risk in a high liability area, and ensure all of us perform at a high level.


Enhanced Sheriff’s Patrol District (ESPD) Hired as a deputy for the Enhanced Sheriff’s Patrol District (ESPD), I have been part of the Sheriff’s Office’s great relationship with more than 190,000 residents who have been served by ESPD for over 20 years. Renewed five times, the ESPD is a unique way to deliver highly efficient and effective urban police services to unincorporated communities such as Aloha, Raleigh Hills, Special Olympics RunCedar Hills, Bethany, Bull Mountain, Metzger, Garden Home, Rock Creek and Reedville. No one else delivers urban police services for less than the ESPD and I’m committed to continue effective services to the District at the lowest cost.

Reducing Cost In 2008 I led a team that analyzed jail staffing ratios and overtime. In concert with county Human Resources, we adjusted our hiring timeline slightly and, combined with several position modifications, and some great oversight by our jail leaders, cut overtime costs by $1 million from 2007 to 2010.

Swearing In Jr. Deputies at FairInnovative Programs to Increase Efficiencies Our 572-bed jail is a Criminal Justice System resource that is best used when all Justice System leaders work together to achieve shared agreement on how to best use these limited custody beds. Work with the Circuit Court, the District Attorney’s Office, Community Corrections, Parole and Probation, and the non-profit sector produced innovative programs like Drug Court, Early Case Resolution, and Needs Based Sentencing. These programs keep criminals in jail who pose the highest safety risk to the community, increase the effectiveness of rehabilitation and treatment for low level offenders and drug addicts, and save taxpayer dollars by eliminating Press Conferenceredundant services and reducing the number of repeat offenders who enter the system in the first place.

Public Safety Local Option Levy The Sheriff’s Office is just one of several important criminal justice services provided to all residents of cities, urban unincorporated communities, and rural areas supported by the Public Safety Levy since 2001. The District Attorney’s Office, Circuit Court Judges, Community Corrections and Juvenile Department are great justice system partners who also provide county-wide justice services. With ongoing voter approved levy renewals, we have been able to maintain an effective balance of key services like sex offender compliance checks, criminal prosecution, jail and work release center operations at full capacity, specially trained crime scene technicians and criminalists, and interagency teams that fight drug and gang crimes.

Award in Germany

Service to Country

On February 1, 2012 I officially retired from the United States Army Reserve, after 25 years of service. While a difficult decision, I felt it necessary to retire from the Army in order to devote my entire energies to being your sheriff. I thank those great Americans who continue to serve. I also want to thank former Sheriff Rob Gordon, the Washington County Board of Commissioners, and all of you for your support to me and my fellow service members. A summary of my service is below – it’s been an honor.

Upon graduating Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, Georgia in 1987, I was commissioned a Second Lieutenant of Infantry in the United States Army Reserve. USAF PTT Team Baghdad Here at home, I have served units that support the Army’s training missions from the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, Louisiana, supported Basic Training operations around the country, and prepared soldiers to deploy overseas.

I have served with many great soldiers and leaders. I developed much of my leadership style from a combination of military education, learning from my commanders, non-commissioned officers, and Processing Business Grant in Iraqfrom commanding soldiers myself. I have been mobilized twice since 9/11. On my first mobilization in 2003, I was assigned to U.S. European Streets of RashidCommand in Stuttgart, Germany for a year. I worked on a strategic planning team that prepared a long term plan to transform a theater of operations from permanently assigned heavy forces to one that uses expeditionary forces to increase strategic access and reach in a post 9/11 world.

My second mobilization was to the Rashid Security District during the Baghdad Surge of 2007-08. I was assigned to 4th Brigade, 1st Infantry Division. In a newly secured South Baghdad, I worked along side many brave soldiers, Iraqi ArmyState Department officers, and local Iraqis to bolster economics in markets and communities, and improve governance at the District and neighborhood level.

Garrett With Kids at Market

Throughout my professional life I have been challenged by great opportunities to fight crime at every level in the organization. I have learned much through work with great leaders in law enforcement and the military, and a great staff at the Sheriff’s Office. I have learned that teamwork comes first in order to fight crime and Conserve the Peace effectively in Washington County. An effective law enforcement team requires talented leadership, excellent equipment, solid training, sound policy, and accountability for our important work. We have a great leadership team and I will ensure we maintain focus on these important areas.

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