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If you live in Washington County and care about who serves as your sheriff, then take two minutes and scan this site.

I am Sheriff Pat Garrett and I am enormously fortunate to have had great community support during the May 2012 Primary election – it’s my pleasure to continue to serve you as Sheriff. For over 23 years I have worked to ensure Washington County Sheriff’s Office service and professionalism match the high expectations of our community.

I have held every patrol rank and commanded both Patrol and Jail divisions. Sheriff’s Office deputies and staff serve this county with distinction, and I intend to sustain our professional edge. Knowing where we stand in the community requires community engagement. That’s why I prioritize our getting out and working with our community partners.

I ask for your continued support for the great men and women of the Sheriff’s Office, and I invite you to read on for a sense of my work history and my priorities for tomorrow.